Soul Music Mp3 Free Download

Soul Music Mp3 Free Download

Soul Music Mp3 Free Download – Rita Ogidi presents new inspirational and soul-stirring music known as Grace Rita Soul: Grace From The Heavenly. This music is timely! The song Grace From the Heavenly was born out of a message from Pastor Chris Oyakilohem.

This song represents all about grace, where whatever you have received or will receive is facilitated through grace, then you know that the heavenly beings are working for you, for your victory and prosperity. This song is for you and your family. Enjoy the grace of God in your life by listening to this song.

Soul Music Mp3 Free Download

Soul Music Mp3 Free Download

Rita Soul started professionally 15 years ago as a backup artist and love world nation music album projects, post productions and mega projects (music album releases) of various artists including well known artists in Nigeria, Africa and abroad been a part of. Professional singing/music production within five years; Rita Soul has made many influences/accomplishments in the Ministry of Music, she has recorded over 20 songs and released six songs online in a span of three years: Ellevilles (2016), Render My Service (2017), We Worship (2017) 2018), As We Praying (2018), Holy Spirit (2019), Your Word (2020).

When Peace Like A River (ville Du Harve, Organ, 4 Verses)

During these five years, Rita Soule has also worked with Buchi, Eben, Frank Edwards, Joe Price, The Love World Nation (International Stage) and the President of Love World Nation, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSC, DD. With many awards: – 2018 Loveworld International Music & Arts Award Lima) Songwriter of the Year (Junior Category) in 2018 – Lyricist of the Year in 2018 and Best Song of the Year) 2019

Two of his songs (Grace From Heaven and Flying High) were also included in the Best Songs of 2020 at the Lima Awards 2020.

He won the Christian Entertainment International Awards 2019 for Best Performance (Individual Category) in Last Christmas Carol with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; And the awards were presented to them by the President of Love World Nation, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSC. DD. Five of his songs are included in the Love World Nation Collection 2018 Best Songs. A unique song named Jesus was also featured in Love World Worship Album 2019. Rita Sule also served on stage with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny. World Evangelism Conference (WEC) London.

Grace From Heaven songs will change your life for good as you experience God’s grace in your life, family, business, spiritual and more. Please share to your loved ones, God bless you.

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Following the success of the last four ‘Fast Music’ compilation albums, we’re taking it back to where it began with the second edition of ‘Fast Soul Music’ – bigger, better and meatier than ever.

As promised, we’ve delivered a massive 52 track album with OG hospital classics, and some of the best cutting edge drum and bass soul the game has to offer. S.P.Y, Fred V & Grafix, Whiney, Keeno and many more bring their own unique flair as longtime hospital surgeons applaud the surgical prowess of S.P.Y, Fred V & Grafix, showcasing high contrast, New: tone and There are explosions of logistics. , Know and love

Soul Music Mp3 Free Download

Immerse yourself in infinite amounts of soul and daydreaming by owning this piece of history, and get to know the artists we’ve carefully selected to represent the vanguard of our sound over the last 20 years since we embarked on this journey Is.

Download Dbn Gogo & Unlimited Soul

Releasing mainly drum + bass, the label was started in 1996 by Tony Coleman and Chris Goss and has grown in recent years to become one of the most recognized labels in UK dance music. …and more With hospital records the extras always feel welcome and at home. This album represents the greatness that is DNB, as well as music in general. Favorite Track: Hold Ya (ft. Whinnie).

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Hospital Records presents its latest compilation ‘Fast Soul Music’ – a welcome lesson in the art of soul-inspired drums and high-speed bass of the genre. After spending nineteen years on its lounge-core aesthetic, with its extensive library of smooth-rolling sounds at the ready, it’s time for a retrospective.

Featuring work from thirty artists, thirty-six carefully selected tracks highlight the sublime sounds of soul music in the Hospital Records back catalogue. Hospital mainstays seamlessly combine the classics of London Electric, High Contrast, Danny Byrd, Nu:Tone, SPY and Logistics, as well as showcasing the new wave of talent that has reached our ears in recent years. The work of Fred Wee & Graphics, Hugh Hardy, Kino, Atherwood, Anil, Tokyo Proz and Technimatic shows how prominent soul music is in drum and bass today.

Download Mp3: Free My Soul Remix By Mawuli Younggod Ft Edem X Kay Stun X Deekay

Accompanying it is a perfectly polished mix by the two-CD collector’s item Nu:Tone, a longtime practitioner and the latest member of the Hospital A+R team. With over two hours of soul-stirring sounds that effortlessly make for the ideal soundtrack to any daydream-filled afternoon.

Nodding to London Electric’s ’03 classic ‘fast soul music’ and a new influx of waiting talent, Hospital Records’ latest compilation offers any drum and bass fan the chance to rediscover once-forgotten gems. A cobweb of drum and bass songs filled with his favorite nostalgia.

Releasing primarily drum+bass, the label was started in 1996 by Tony Coleman and Chris Goss and has become one of the most recognized labels in UK dance music in recent years. … More

Soul Music Mp3 Free Download

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