Stand By Me Original Singer

Stand By Me Original Singer

Stand By Me Original Singer – Ben E. King, the singer best known for the classic “Stand by Me,” died Thursday of natural causes. King’s publicist confirmed the singer’s death to The Telegraph, but no further details were released

In 1958, King, born in North Carolina and raised in Harlem, was part of the doo-wop group The Five Crowns, hired as a new version of the Drifters when the group’s manager fired all the original members to revive the movement. During King’s year-long tenure with the band, he sang some of the Drifters’ biggest hits, including “It’s a Magical Moment,” “Save the Last Dance for Me,” and “My Baby Is Gone.” King eventually earned induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fame with the Drifters in 1988.

Stand By Me Original Singer

Stand By Me Original Singer

The news of King’s death is a “real shock”. He remembers being 26 when he and his writing partner Jerry Leiber first met the young King in 1959. “His voice is very warm, rich and mature for a 20-year-old,” Stoller said.

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By 1960, King had launched his career with the singles Spanish Harlem, written by Leiber and Phil Spector, and Beside Me, co-written with Leiber and Stoller. “I walked into our office and Jerry and Benny were working on the lyrics,” Stoller recalls of the Stand By Me session. “Benny started singing and I went to the piano and pulled out a chord and found the bass line and Jerry said, ‘Oh, we’ve got a hit!’ He said.

“Stand By Me” later became King’s most famous and enduring record, a single with dozens of chart-topping hits, including classic renditions by John Lennon, Muhammad Ali and Spider Turner. Listed by Rolling Stone on the National Library of Congress’ list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

“I think this is one of the most important moments of my life,” King told CBS News at an induction at the Library of Congress. “To think that one day my children’s children will look back and say wow, grandpa did that, that’s an emotion.”

In 1999, BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) named “Stand by Me” the fourth most played song of the 20th century, according to the BBC. The royal version of the song

Stand By Me

Two separate streaks: 1961 and 1986. In 1975, King reached the top five with “Something Extraordinary.”

. “Ben was a sixties trendsetter, classical singer, hit maker and all around great guy!” Stephen Van Zandt of the E Street Band agrees that King was an innovator. He said: “‘My Baby Goes’ was a really breakthrough record. It had the roots of Sam Cooke and continued the gospel of Sam Cooke. Some things are forever. Ben E. King defined that.”

“It is with a very heavy heart that we must say goodbye to one of the sweetest, gentlest and most talented souls I have had the honor of knowing and calling my friend for over 50 years,” said Gary USA Bonds. King wrote on Facebook. “I can tell you that Ben E. will be missed more than words can say. Our deepest condolences to Betty and the entire family. Thank you Ben E. for your friendship and wonderful legacy. “

Stand By Me Original Singer

On Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, Leiber and Stoller reflected on the influence of one of King’s first hits: “People said ‘My Baby Is Going’ was an influential record because it helped set the stage for the Wall.” The Voice and Motown. Who are we going to argue with? “I’m sure I’m going to miss him,” Stoller said today.

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Turning heads in a little black bikini, Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Pauline proves 2023 will be the most credible year yet, but you’ve probably heard it before. Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” is perfect with its beautiful instrumentals, melodic driving base and the famous refrain: “So my love, my love, stand…” among other elements. You may know him from the same movie or episode from 1986

And finally, at least for me, it’s just one of those songs that you have to stop everything and sweat when it comes on. Perhaps because it is so iconic, the song has been played countless times since its release in 1961 – more than 400 times. I’m more interested in the inability of different covers to introduce new musical elements and transform the song. main tone or message. It would be impossible to write all these articles in one article, so I have limited my selection to a few versions that I think are particularly creative.

It would be silly to write an article about “Stand By Me” without first talking about the actual song and its creator, Ben E. King, so here are some interesting facts about the original recording. The song was originally written by King for The Drifters, but was replaced when King brought it over. After recording “Spanish Harlem” in the same studio, producers Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller asked King if he had any other songs. King showed them what he had written for Stand By Me, and the three worked together on lyrics and background music, eventually culminating in the 1961 record. The story varies depending on who you ask (Lieber and Stoller have their accounts, where they played a bigger role), but it’s widely believed that the iconic song was born out of rejection and some studio time. Since then, the song has reached the top ten once when it was first released, and then again in 1986 for the Rob Reiner film of the same name. The original score has some notable elements, such as the deep, deep bass that will form the basis of all subsequent covers, and a strong string section that is hidden for most of the song but comes in as a support. chorus with a beautiful crescendo. I also love King’s voice on this record. It has the effect of placing the listener in a larger auditory field. This allows King to show off the power of his voice at the beginning of the song, but waits for that space to eventually be filled with something bigger.

. This album is already great with songs like ‘You Send Me Away’, ‘These Guns’ and ‘Heartache’, but their cover of ‘Stand By Me’ took it to a whole new level.

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Directly from the duet, Redding’s song begins with a change in bass form. It might seem like a small thing, but Redding’s song starts slightly earlier than King’s, two and a half beats later than King’s. I think it emphasizes the whole rhythm on the bass by creating the theme of the song and the chord progression as each progressive note rises slightly before the beat. This isn’t the only strategy Redding’s version uses to boost bass, or the real instrument sounds louder and rounder, perhaps due to the use of electrical pressure instead of vertical acoustics. In addition, the rest of the team is formed around this instrument. The piano plays the same melody as the bass, and the guitar takes the role of a triangle in King’s version. Each bar of the bass line is clamped instead

I love how this version works around the click to make it stand out as much as possible. This gives the song a stronger overall sound and, more importantly, a stronger feel. The powerful guitar playing is a good example of this, but more than anywhere else, that emotional element can be found in the vocals. Redding changes the lyrics slightly, reflecting the silent nature of the song. Little additions like “I need a little help”, “I need a little love” and “come help me” are more urgent,

, Otis’ singing will. Most importantly, Otis Redding sings. Who better to sell this powerful emotion than the man who helped define soul for so many years? One listen to this version offers a variety of instances where Redding sings like himself, but if I had to point you to one it would be the beautiful chorus: “So baby, baby, stop…” excellent job of conveying a certain quality other versions. I think so

Stand By Me Original Singer

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