Stand By Your Man Movie Dvd

Stand By Your Man Movie Dvd

Stand By Your Man Movie Dvd – My Man Godfrey is a 1936 American grotesque comedy film directed by Gregory LaCava and starring William Powell and Carole Lombard, who were briefly married before co-starring on film for many years.

My Man Godfrey has a screenplay by Maury Riskind, with uncredited contributions from La Cava, based on the short story 1101 Park Avue by Eric S. Hatch. The story is about a socialite who hires an outcast to be her housekeeper and falls in love with him.

Stand By Your Man Movie Dvd

Stand By Your Man Movie Dvd

In 1999, the original version of My Man Godfrey was declared “culturally significant” by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. A remake of the 1957 film starring June Allison and David Neave.

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During the Great Depression, Godfrey “Smith” Parker was unemployed and lived with other homeless people in a dump in Hoover Village on the East River near the 59th Street Bridge in New York City. Spoiled socialite Cornelia Bullock offers him $5 a night to be her “forgotten man” and send him on a treasure hunt. An outraged Godfrey refused, causing Cornelia to retreat and collapse into a heap of ashes, much to the delight of her sister and rival Al. After talking with Eyre, Godfrey finds her kind and offers to go with her to help her defeat Cornelia and satisfy his scavenger hunt curiosity.

In the ballroom of the Waldorf-Ritz Hotel, Eyre’s father, the businessman Alexander Bullock, waits helplessly for his wife Angelica to play with her protégé Carlo, whom he caresses and adores. Godfrey arrives and receives a certificate for the Forgotten One, allowing Eyre to win the match. Godfrey, however, took the opportunity to express his disdain for the audience’s antics before storming off. Realizing what she’s gotten him into, an apologetic Eyre invites Godfrey to be her protégé, employing him as the new head of the household, which he gratefully accepts.

On her first day as the new butler, House Brock’s maid, Molly, warns Godfrey that he is just the latest in a long line of butlers that didn’t last long due to House Brock’s conflicting personalities and antics. Despite this, Godfrey is surprisingly capable and resourceful in the performance of his duties, but Cornelia harbors a grudge against him and plans to get him into trouble and throw him back on the street. Meanwhile, Eyre is shown to be kinder and more understanding than her family, especially her sister, but also equally spoiled, utterly innocent and addicted to Godfrey’s basic interactions and general seduction. She even kisses him, causing the work-hungry Godfrey to politely but firmly draw the boundaries of their employee-employer relationship.

Eventually, Godfrey is recognized by his longtime friend Tommy Gray at a tea party hosted by Eyre. Godfrey made up a story that he was Tommy’s valet at Harvard, and Tommy fit that story by embellishing Godfrey’s story with a non-existent wife and five children. Upon hearing the news, a frustrated Eyre impulsively revealed her stunt to a surprised Charlie Van Rumple, but broke down in tears and fled after Godfrey congratulated her. At lunch the next day, Tommy wondered what one of the elite in the Pax of Boston was doing as a servant. Godfrey explains that a broken relationship left him broken and suicidal, but the fearless attitude of the homeless people living on the dump has rekindled his spirit.

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Eventually, Eyre broke his contract with Charlie. Cornelia tried to seduce Godfrey on his day off, but was rebuffed, placing her own pearl necklace under Godfrey’s mattress and calling the police, intending to arrest him. However, the police cannot find the pearl in the mattress, and Mr. Bullock (who deduces what Cornelia has done) angrily tells Cornelia that the pearl is not insured and that if she does not find it, she will lose a fortune. . The necklace made her feel sick. The Bullocks send their daughters to Europe to free Ayr from her now-bankrupt plot, but when they return, Cornelia hints that she intends to seduce Godfrey again. Worried, Eyre casts an incredible spell and falls into Godfrey’s arms, but he flatly rejects her after realizing she’s faking it. Fed up with Eyre’s behaviour, Godfrey announced his resignation as steward.

Before Godfrey leaves, Mr. Bullock throws Caro out (literally) and announces to the family that their business is a failure and that he is trying to cover the loss with shareholders’ money behind his back, which will land him in jail for embezzlement. leaving the rest of the family with nothing. Godfrey, however, delivered good news: he sold short, using some of the funds he raised by pawning Cornelia’s pearl necklace to buy the stock Bullock had sold. He returned Mr Bullock’s shares, saving the family from financial distress. Godfrey returned the necklace to Cornelia, who threw it away, admitting that she had left the necklace on the mattress and humbly expressing her gratitude and remorse for her actions. When Godfrey leaves, a grateful Molly and the Brock family are saddened by his departure, but Al is determined to follow him.

With Godfrey’s leftover profits, Godfrey and Tommy become business partners and transform the now-filled dump into a trendy nightclub called “The Dump,” creating a boom for other homeless people. New jobs and housing plans for their new SRO apartments. After hearing about Godfrey’s new career during the Landfill’s grand opening, a determined Eyre approached Godfrey and convinced the mayor (who was the guest of honor) to convince him to marry her by holding a civil wedding with her chauffeur as his witness.

Stand By Your Man Movie Dvd

Universal president Charles Rogers called it “a novel that makes you smile.” The studio bought the rights to the film and assigned Hatch to write the screenplay with Maury Leskind, whose screenplay was a top-grossing hit. Rogers hired Gregory LaCava, “the best comedy director in Hollywood,” to direct.

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It’s Universal’s first major film under new management taking over, which includes production chief Charles Rogers. However, apart from Buck Jones, Boris Karloff and Edward Everett Horton, the studio did not have any big name signings and had to borrow some from other studios.

Constance Bonet was initially cast by the studio for the role of Eyre, with Carole Lombard and Miriam Hopkins considered, but if Universal borrowed from MGM, Aide William Powell, director Gregory LaCava would only settle for Bownight. As for Powell, the only time she’ll take on the role is when Carole Lombard plays Al. Powell and Lombard divorced three years ago.

Universal Pictures loaned Lombard from Paramount. As part of the deal, Universal loaned Paramount Marguerite Sullavan for I Love a Soldier, with Lombard costume designer Travis Bandon accompanying her.

My Man Godfrey was in production from 15 April to 27 May 1936, with reshoots in early June of that year.

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The film was one of Charles Rodgers’ first films under his new regime at Universal, although it was developed under his predecessor, Carl Laemmler Jr.

La Cava, a former animator who worked freelance for most of his film career, despises studio executives and has a reputation for being a bit eccentric. When he and Powell got stuck over a disagreement over how Godfrey should be portrayed, they settled it over a bottle of scotch. The next morning LaCava showed up on set with a headache, but Powell did not. Instead, the actor sent a telegram saying: “We may have found Godfrey last night, but we lost Powell. See you tomorrow”.

A stuntman (Chick Collins) was used for insurance reasons, and Godfrey carried Al on his shoulders up the stairs to her bedroom.

Stand By Your Man Movie Dvd

When the situation is climactic on set, Lombard has a habit of inserting four-letter words into her dialogue, often to the actors’ amusement. This made filming difficult, but clips of her cursing and garbled lines of dialogue can still be seen in the short film.

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It was the first film to be released under the auspices of Charles Rogers and had a major release.

My Man Godfrey premiered on September 6, 1936, and opened in the US on September 17.

Writing for The Spectator in 1936, Graham Gree gave the film a moderately positive review, calling it “very entertaining [three out of four]”. Gray specifically praised the scavenger party scene, calling it “probably the wittiest and wildest scene of the year”. However, given the film’s ending, he noted that “the public conscience is a bit of a mess” and hoped for a “more dignified exit”.

My Man Godfrey was the first film to be nominated in all four acting categories, the first year supporting categories were introduced. It is also the only film in Oscar history to be nominated.

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