Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven – Doctors couldn’t explain how Darryl “Wonderman” Perry came back to life. But he knew it was God’s work.

The former University of Florida quarterback became a financial adviser, and his wife Nicky went to bed around midnight after an otherwise normal day. Perry usually worked 16 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. The father of three was also the coach of his then 8-year-old son’s baseball team. A deeply spiritual man, Perry usually woke up around 4 a.m. to read the Bible and pray for his wife and children before beginning the day. Although the sudden cardiac death of the 40-year-old was a blow to his wife, family and friends, Perry knew it was coming.

Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

Six months earlier, during his morning prayer, he says God gave him a message. Alone in his room, Perry felt a hand on his shoulder and a voice said:

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Surprised, Perry asked, “Who’s there? Is anyone here?” He felt a soothing presence and thought it was God. Not wanting to face the fate of death, he pushed the moment out of his mind and went on with his day.

Everything was going well for Perry, his wife and three children. They were happy. Life was good. He had never heard such a message from God. It couldn’t be true.

Then, on the Wednesday before he died, Perry heard that voice again. She just dropped off her two youngest children at school.

Said the voice. This time there was no denying what he heard. He sat in his truck outside his children’s school and cried for 30 minutes, not wanting to leave them.

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But he did day and night and all week as usual. Until morning, his wife was awakened by the sound of his unusual snoring. Then, says Nicky, he gasped and frothed at the mouth before he stopped breathing.

“My spirit was floating in the air looking at Nicky’s mouth,” Perry said. “I’ve seen it all.”

There was no one who remembered going to Heaven from their bedroom. The next thing he remembered was there, in a space of indistinguishable brightness, warmth, and color.

Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

6’2, 230-pound Perry says Gabriel was on top of him. With brown skin, a muscular build, braids in his hair, and an immeasurable wingspan, Gabriel never said a word to Perry, and Perry never said a word to Perry. As Gabriel pointed to his back, Perry climbed the mountain to rest, Gabriel flew across the sky to see his loved ones who had died.

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“I saw my uncle, my grandfather, my wife’s grandmother,” recalls Perry. And then, he says, he saw God.

“The God of heaven is a shining light,” he says, because he could make no distinction but the presence of complete peace.

After returning to the hospital, Perry’s body was put on life support. The neurologist told Nicky that the only brain activity recorded on the EEG machine was tremors, signs of brain cell death. After an episode like Perry’s, he was told that irreversible brain damage and death occurs 4-6 minutes after the brain is deprived of oxygen. It took paramedics seven minutes to get Perry’s pulse back.

Perry’s body was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center and placed in a hypothermic chamber to prevent further brain damage while Nicky prayed for a miracle.

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The neurologist suggested that she prepare to take her husband off life support. Instead, he sought a second opinion from Dr. Ira Goodman of Central Florida.

Perry says that in the presence of God there is no fear or anger, only peace. In the midst of the celebration, Perry says God spoke to him.

“My people have forgotten my power,” he heard God’s voice. “He said, ‘Son, come back.’ Perry couldn’t believe what he heard. He didn’t want to go back. he refused. He said no!”

Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

He then says that God pulled back the veil between heaven and earth and allowed his family to see. They were smiling, frozen, as in the picture. The same peace he felt when he realized he was in heaven remained when he agreed to return to his body on earth.

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During the day, Dr. Goodman examined Perry, gave him obedience orders, and nothing was recorded. Perry lay still in his bed, hearing no sound or movement other than the hum of the machinery. On March 27, Perry’s 11th day of coma, Dr. Goodman entered his room, giving the same basic instructions. “Open your eyes,” Dr. Goodman said to Perry. That day Perry opened it.

Dr. Goodman warned Nicky that even if Perry ever regained consciousness and was able to breathe on his own, he would be severely damaged and would have no memory of himself or his family. He would never speak again, he warned.

But when Perry opened his eyes, one of his nurses, named Missy, stepped aside and said, “Can you hear me?” he asked her. Perry seemed to nod. “I’m Misia. can you say Missy?” Missy asked, and Perry turned his head to see his wife, “I love you,” he whispered.

His doctors still have no explanation for his recovery other than the nickname they gave him: “Wonder Man.” For Perry, the return to his homeland is less mysterious.

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The words of God in heaven stuck in his mind: “My people have forgotten my power.” When asked why he thought God brought him back, he said, “Just talking to you is why I’m here.”

“They said I’d never say I’d never meet my family,” says Perry, 10 years after this early diagnosis. “Well, I proved them all wrong. I ride a bike. I walk every day and my memory is off the charts. He says that only the power of God could have made all this happen.

However, Perry continues to recover. After suffering a heart attack, he was diagnosed with cerebral hypoxia, a chronic brain disease caused by loss of oxygen in the brain. Perry learned that talking doesn’t always mean a full recovery or frustration-free days.

Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

“I have accepted the fact that I am always the center of attention. People are always watching me,” she says of life after death. “Sometimes it’s hard. I feel like I have to be perfect all the time.

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Perry takes out his moments of frustration on a punching bag he uses for therapy. Some days she cries. Although her life will never be the same again, Perry does not resent returning to her changed state or having to leave the most peaceful and beautiful place she has ever lived.

“I can’t get angry. I always ask God, “What would you like me to do?” I’m here because He sent me for Him. But I’ll say, Be careful what you ask of God!

“I’m not sociable. I’ll never leave,” he says. “As long as God gives me breath, I’m in the game.”

Enter the extraordinary Witnessing Heaven series and take an unforgettable journey through the stories of real people just like you, to heaven and back on your wonderful journey. Some of the books in the series include:

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Stories Of People Dying And Going To Heaven

Are you tired of chasing perfection and being stuck in the past? Do you want to discover your true calling and live purposefully? If so, join us on a transformative journey that will help you unleash excellence, learn from past mistakes, and move into your God-given purpose. The boy says he didn’t go to heaven; Publisher Says This Will Pull the Book: Two-Way Boy at the Center The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven Alex Malarkey said this week that the 2010 book’s story is over.

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Alex Malarkey, pictured here in a 2009 photo, wrote an open letter calling for the events featured in the bestseller.

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The book’s publisher, Tyndale House, promoted it as “a supernatural encounter that will provide new insights into Heaven, angels and hearing the voice of God.”

But on Thursday Tyndale House confirmed it was “removing the book and all ancillary products from print”.

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The decision to release the book came after Alex Malarkey wrote an open letter to retailer LifeWay and others who sell Christian books.

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