Sukitte Ii Na Yo Bracelet

Sukitte Ii Na Yo Bracelet

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Sukitte Ii Na Yo Bracelet

Sukitte Ii Na Yo Bracelet

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Sukitte Li Na Yo: Meet The Students Of Toumei High!

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This type of data sharing may be considered a “sale” of information under California privacy law. If you opt out of personalized ads, you opt out of these “sales”. Find out more in our privacy policy, help center and policy on cookies and related technologies. Toumei High School of Sukitte li na yo (Say I Love You) boasts a student population bursting with teenage angst and tender romance! Take a look at some of the characters that make up a typical high school romance anime.

) is a love story about a lonely high school girl determined to remain antisocial and the popular high school boy determined to get her to befriend him. They meet through a misunderstanding—a comical act of violence—which leads to an awkward and sweet love. This shoujo anime attempts to rework a typical high school love story by integrating a realistic approach to character development and real-world issues such as bullying, depression and self-image. This is by no means a dark anime; instead, it’s a light-hearted high school love story. The main characters declare their feelings for each other at the end of episode 2 and start dating, which is a surprising but welcome move in a shoujo anime. The 13-episode series explores the struggles and pitfalls of a high school romance as the female romantic lead tries to learn to trust again.

Sukitte Ii Na Yo Bracelet

Mei Tachibana is a lonely 16-year-old student who attends Toumei High School. At first, a typical day for Mei is just going through the motions of life, mute and alone. She lives with her widowed mother and her cat, Marshmallow, in a modest apartment. Her father died of cancer a few years ago. An incident at elementary school caused her classmates to mistakenly blame Mei for the death of the class pet. Driven by betrayal, Mei decides to reject friends and comrades for 16 years. Her motto: “When I have so-called friends, I only get hurt.”

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Mei is regularly bullied by her classmates. She ignores bullying but is willing to stand up for herself if she wants to. Later in the series, she constantly stands up for her friends. Mei seems to show a quiet confidence in her loneliness. She is blunt and honest when she speaks; however, she does not speak in class at the beginning of the anime. Some students claim they have never heard her voice.

The reality is that Mei is socially awkward, shy and easily embarrassed. She is insecure about social interactions, even when serving customers at her part-time job at Bread Farm, a local pastry shop. She rarely looks anyone in the eye and has very good manners.

Although Mei is more comfortable with animals than people, she is surprisingly aware of human nature. She readily admits that she lacks social skills. She is able to understand and empathize with others, and her unique knowledge makes her a wise advisor. She regularly shares her keen observations and impressions of people, regardless of their feelings towards her. This earns her loyal friends throughout the series, who later return by supporting her through her insecurities.

She is also very compassionate towards animals and people who are injured or emotionally hurt. For her, these emotional wounds are an initial bond that she can use to build bridges between herself and others. This sensitivity allows her to accept others and be a non-judgmental friend. These connections make him feel human and force him to realize that he needs to change.

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Mei is often embarrassed by Yamato’s easy display of affection towards her throughout the series. She constantly blushes, stutters, or hits him in grief when he acts on his feelings, even when they are alone. She is often confused by Yamato’s desire to have a relationship with her, believing that the social gap between the two will get in the way. Her fears and insecurities become the main source of conflict in their relationship.

Due to Mei’s independent personality, she insists on paying for things with her own money and refuses to ask for help or advice unless cornered. She receives very few gifts from Yamato except for a bracelet and a ring with colorful stones. She appreciates the gifts and even hits a teacher with a rolled-up card to protect the bracelet from confiscation.

She constantly doubts herself, despite reassurance from friends that her feelings matter. Her belief that friends look for a way to betray each other disappears and evolves into learning to trust others and giving the idea of ​​friendship a second chance. In the final episode, Mei admits her feelings to Yamato and she declares her love for him out loud for the first time.

Sukitte Ii Na Yo Bracelet

She’s also surprisingly good at bowling and keeps a bunch of bandages around, ready to hit one when the need arises.

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Yamato Kurosawa is a 17-year-old Toumei High School student. He is one of the most popular boys in school and is constantly approached by girls who are interested in starting a relationship with him. At first—before he met Mei—he did not discourage flirtatious behavior, and rumors spread throughout the school that he had kissed every single girl. He has a younger sister named Nagi who attends elementary school and an older brother named Daichi who runs a salon.

Yamato begins the series as someone who is unaware of the true love girls give him. He claims that he sees all girls as the same and that he is not interested in starting a relationship with anyone. He likes karaoke and hangs out with his friend Kenji Nakanishi and others after school.

The truth is that Yamato is not attracted to or interested in shallow girls. He thinks people only like him for his looks. He is later approached by a modeling agent while on a date with Mei, whom he—at the time—ignored. He later works for a modeling agency at Megumi’s insistence, but quit when he realized Mei was not happy about it. His charming personality is a defense mechanism he developed in high school to protect himself from becoming a target of bullying. Over the years he perfected his “chameleon” act, a fact he hates about himself.

Although he believes his popularity is based on his looks, Yamato is truly a kind and caring person who is willing to go to extremes to help others feel better about themselves. This often makes him impulsive and doesn’t think about the consequences. Realizing that his acts of kindness are causing difficulties in his relationship with Mei, he tries to make things right. He is quick to point out a person’s good qualities and is known to be honest and straightforward.

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His attraction to Mei begins the moment she kicks him down the school stairs, mistakenly thinking he was the one who lifted her skirt. Instead of getting mad at her, Yamato laughs and decides that Mei is interesting enough to try to pursue a friendship with her. His determination leads to an awkward exchange of phone numbers and failed attempts to talk to him at school. He seems unfazed by her initial rejection and continues to approach Mei despite her protests. He ends up behaving in exactly the same way when he tries to befriend Mei’s stray cat that she takes care of

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