The Armor Of God Bible Study Book

The Armor Of God Bible Study Book

The Armor Of God Bible Study Book – If you’re looking for a good Bible study to do over the summer, I found one: Godby Priscilla Shearer’s Armor…and I beg you, please check it out because it’s good!

If you have been in church for a while, you know that the church teaches a lot about God’s love. We learn about His grace. His great sacrifice. His answer. We also learn about our sins. We begin to understand how imperfect we are and how much a Savior is needed for an imperfect person to have a relationship with a perfect God. This is an important, important lesson in understanding who God is and why we need Jesus.

The Armor Of God Bible Study Book

The Armor Of God Bible Study Book

What we sometimes miss when we sit in church every Sunday (or almost attend these days!) is that God is a mighty warrior. He fights for us. He is on our side. He wins battles and dominates war. As women, we don’t often think of ourselves as warriors (at least I don’t). But the study “Armor of God” shows that we are called to fight alongside God, which is difficult to do when we know very little about the enemy we are fighting.

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How can we strategize to win our battles with the Lord if we know nothing about our attacker? How can we become His warriors if we don’t put on armor to protect ourselves? This study helps answer all that!

The whole study is based on Ephesians 6:10-19 and breaks down Satan’s motives, the most common strategies used, and gives great assurance of the power of prayer in the protection and final defeat of the enemy. This teaching shines a light in dark places and calls generations of women to take up arms and wage war against the known enemy for the sake of our marriages, children, jobs, friendships, and faith.

God fights for us. But let’s not forget that there is still a battle for our attention, adoration and affection – and his calling card is deception.

I flaunt my armor, mommy friends. It would be my honor to help you buckle up and fight by your side. Thinking Kids Press uses referral links in its articles. By signing up for our freebies, you will be subscribed to our email list. We will send you encouragement, free products and exclusive offers via email. For more information, you can read our disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions of use, and Danica Cooley’s personal statement of faith and beliefs. The Thinking Kids Press store is located at

The Armor Of God Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Teach your children with these practical Bible studies and the Armor of God Laptop Book! Your children will always remember their lessons.

When my boys were small, we used to put on the armor of God every morning before school. My boys loved their little Bible studies. Indeed, what boy does not like to imagine himself as a knight or a soldier? They liked it and it gave us an opportunity to talk about spiritual warfare. It was a fun little lesson in the armor of God.

When we “put on” our armor, we talked about each piece mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-20. We will talk about what they mean and how they can be used. I have always emphasized that our armor is a gift from God, given to those who believe in Jesus. Their favorite piece of armor was the Spirit Sword. We gave our kids Bibles early on and talked about how they had their own sword – they just had to open the Bible and read it!

The Armor Of God Bible Study Book

Grab your free 130-page Bible study tool and learn how to help your kids learn and love the Bible!

Full Armor Of God Bible Study For Women

Learning the armor of God with my children is a very special memory and I wanted to recreate it in some way for you. You can study the armor of God with your children using a Bible study and a laptop. Take a look:

Teach your kids about the armor of God in a fun, hands-on way your kids will love! Part Bible study, part Bible craft, part notebook, this notebook is perfect for families looking to dig into the armor of God with elementary school children ages 5-12.

Get your kids through the Bible in just three years! Try Bible Road Trip™ with a free three-week sample pack.

You want to do the Armor of God Bible study in a few days or a couple of weeks. Check out this fun video showing how to assemble a laptop!

Put On The Armor Of God And Stand

My Armor of God Laptop is a fun, hands-on Bible study for your child ages 5-12. You and your child will learn several scriptures:

Your child will learn what the Bible says about the armor of God, what we wrestle with, what we should “put on” and what our strength is. You and your child will discuss the fact that we are in a struggle, but we are not alone. If we really love and follow Jesus, the battle is already won.

You will find the My Armor of God booklet in the Family Discipleship section of the Thinking Kids Press store. Don’t forget to look around while you’re there. You’ll find some great tools for teaching kids the Bible and Christian history!

The Armor Of God Bible Study Book

Inside the laptop, your child will find some fun mini books and activities to cut, assemble, glue, color and write. Depending on your child’s age, you may need a little help assembling the laptop components. The laptop has both ESV and KJV options.

The Armor Of God For Children « Susan’s Homeschool Blog

Studying the Bible in this handy way gives your child a permanent record of his studies. They will remember what they learned by looking deeply into the scriptures about the armor of God and the battle we face.

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To build a laptop, you will need some materials. You probably already have most of them. If not, they are worth the investment because you will use them again and again with your kids.

To create a laptop base, place the file folder on a table and fold both sides inward to the folded back of the file. When the outer edges meet, fold the file folder. This will give you a book that will open in the middle. There will still be a fold in the middle of the book, so I like to glue a piece of cardboard to the middle of the book to make a thick center that won’t fold.

The Armor Of God

You want to print the My Armor of God Bible study and the laptop one-sided on regular printer paper with colored ink. On the notebook pages, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for each minibook and activities, explaining how to put each one together.

At the beginning of this post you can see a brief examination of the Armor of God guide.

The Armor of God Bible Study and Laptop will provide your child with hours of thoughtful Bible study with visuals they will never forget.

The Armor Of God Bible Study Book

As parents, we really want the best for our children. We find the right schools, get them to eat right and exercise, and get them involved in extracurricular activities. We take our job as parents seriously.

The Armor Of God Study Book

Do they study the Bible? Giving them the life-changing, soul-nourishing words of scripture is not only doable, but part of raising children for Jesus. And the good news is that studying God’s word in the family does not have to be difficult!

Do your best to present yourself to God as approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, and who does right with the word of truth.

As parents who love Jesus, it is our job to help our children become recognized workers, unashamedly and rightly handling the word of truth.

Helping Your Children Learn and Love the Bible by Danica Cooley will give you the tools and confidence to study the Bible as a family. It will help you recognize and overcome your objections and fears, give you a crash course in what the Bible is and how to study it, and give you the guidance you need to create a family Bible study habit.

Study The Bible With Your Kids {unseen: The Armor Of God}

You will finish this book feeling encouraged and empowered to begin and strengthen your child’s relationship with the Lord through His Word.

Help your children learn and love the Bible

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