The God Of This City

The God Of This City

The God Of This City – Presentation on theme: “THE GOD OF THE CITY Is the God of this city He is the king” – Transcript:

1 GOD OF THE CITY He is the God of this city He is the King of this people He is the King of this country

The God Of This City

The God Of This City

2 You are the light in this darkness. You are the hope of the hopeless. Peace be upon you. In

Contents Above All Agnus Dei All In All All The Heavens (holy, Holy)

4 Great things to come Great things to be done in this village (review)

5 You are the King of creation, the Creator of everything, you are the King of all kings

6 You are strong in our weakness You love those who suffer You are the joy of sorrow.

8 Great things to come Great things to be done in this village (repeat as hod)

God Of This City

11 Great things to come Great things to do in this village (read as a guide)

12 “God of this City” lyrics and music by Aaron Boyd, Andrew McCann, Ian Jordan, Peter Comfort, Peter Kernoghan, Richard Bleakley © 2006 songs worship (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing) Sixth Music ( Admin by License to Broadcast EMI Christian Music CCLI#

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The God Of This City

I’m playing on Capo 5 [G] I’ll drink and I’ll wear [C] is [G] gh [Am] t Colou [G]rs fade away, die when you see (You turn into light [Em]) Oh w [C] why f [a ] your dark and your [G] dark? [Am] There are so many words c [G] all o [C] just waiting in the right place [G] to hide [Am] Down when the walls start [G] to shake [C] I’m ready…

Chord: God Of This City

1. [Am] Còn gì cho nhau, khi nù [E] hôn kia thạn tạn [Dm] Khi em thạn [E7] Đại xa măi [Am] xa [F] nước lước hội nước nước [E7] nước. 2. [Am] Từ nầi em đi, nỹ mội [E] thay bên nước mương [Dm] Cô nười liềp [E7] bên bên trái

SONG: Rum Tum Tugger SINGER: Andrew Lloyd Webber From the musical, The Cat Rum Tum Tugger is a curious cat If [A#9] you give me a pheasant, I’d rather have a rooster [A#9] If [E] put [-] in [E7] house, I [-] [E] very early [-] i [E7] fla [-] t If you put me [-] in the [D7] floor, th [-] en I would [D] better h [-] ave a [D7 ] hou [-] se If [E] s …

G G C x4] Touch e F] down b …

I seen you jump [C] up [G] You and your friend [Am]nds, they [F] and Kandi [C]ard say they put a [Am] jam [F] (There’s a mess, baby) [C ] Now you raise h [G] and you get off the side to s [Am] ide, sugar [F] ar Here clai [C] ming is [G] confirmed m [Am] an [F] (Confirmed) [PRE- CHORUS] I know that [C ] I know it might sound [G] strange But [I] took us …

Week 18: Greater Things (god Of This City)

Tab Writer: Jesse Gilbride Website: INFO Artist/Band: 311 Song Title: Sick Album: From Chaos NOTICE. I made a note of what I think the temp is (quickly). The bridge/intro riff accompanies the bass. So it’s clear that the guitar is playing the notes in the same descending order…

1. [Dm] Tôi yên chưới em khi siệt điến nộm không chung [D7] Đạn [Gm] Tộ yến chơi]] phá [A7] Tôi muốc quên em vì đôi tôi luống phong [Dm] ba 2. [Dm] Tôi muốc xai ỷ xai ố nố nố nố nố nố nố n x em I muốt xa [Bb] em xa caế [A7] tình I died …

(Verse 1) like our whole lives have changed [Am] Maybe when I grow up, everything will be quiet But it’s killing me now (Pre-Chorus) [F] What I…

The God Of This City

Normal EADGBe Balance Capo Verse 4 Verse 1 What [G] I [D] have in this life [Em] [C] But this [G] ve [D] in your eyes [Em] [C] Now it seems [G world [D] one day [Em] will be gone [C] And only your truth [D] remember [Em] ain [C] Chorus Jesus, [G] all I have [D] You’re the hope [Em] I’m holding on [C] maybe [G] I cry but I still believe [D] Use [C] Yo…

Shanghai Community Fellowship

Thu Đại đi động đường [Em] được sing [Em7] [Em6] Đổ phố tòi [C] nay mây [B] lang thang Cây bàng đườn [C] lá [E] xòe Amt] Amt] #m7b5] Chộc lá khô B7] vàng lạo rập [Em] hương [F#m7b5] [Em] Ai [G] bạo em [C] ạại theo gió [Am] đồng ĐtểD] cả [Em] dồn sống GiẤt [C] nạn ngơ ngác lộm [ Bbdim] thốcnị [Am] Giọt nước mương [B7] lechim bầu [Em] mi]

5 dim aug 9sus2 9sus4 7sus2 7sus4 sus2 sus4 m13 maj13 13 m11 m9 maj9 9 # 5 9b5 9 º7 m7b5 m (maj7) m7 7 # 5 7b5 7 maj7 6/9 m6 6 6 m Majo righteousness. Release the victim of the robbery. Do not oppress, do not oppress the stranger, the fatherless, or the widow. Don’t shed innocent blood in this place. “

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You pay tithes of mint, dill, and cumin, yet you neglect the most important of the law, justice, kindness, and loyalty. These things should have been done without neglecting others.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative, life-threatening conversations that bombard us through mass media and social media.

A Time For Changes

There was a time, not so long ago, when my friends and colleagues told me to be optimistic. That even when things looked hopeless, I could see a lot of light. It is possible. “It’s possible”.

Today, I was enlightened. Reminder is inspired by God. Hope transcends but includes us as individuals. Hope answers the question, “What can one do?”

A city of innovation and renewal. As the capital of the United States, there is also a history that separates the city. Photo credit: Flickr, Taber Andrew Bain

The God Of This City

Homelessness, poverty, racism, food insecurity, violence, crime, urban housing and literacy problems, and drug problems are all part of the city’s problems.

Your The God Of This City Journal: 6 X 9 Notebook 100 Pages

Even as we talk about our nation’s greatest battles, we sometimes forget that we are most present in the communities we call home.

We can’t do much about our country’s problems, but here…right here in Richmond, we can make a difference. God exists and we are His people. In the Old and New Testaments, He gives guidance. Ours is work, and prayer, and power, and love. Seeing our house as he sees it, and loving it.

* Lyrics to God of This City – Songwriters: Aaron Boyd, Andrew McCann, Ian Jordan, Peter Comfort, Peter Kernaghan, Richard Bleakley

Story Behind The Song – God Of This City Story also Youtube Video Bluetree God Of This City Story

God Of This City (chris Tomlin)

Beyond Guitar C. Mills prayer for raising Savior Sin Trevin Wax in Wednesday’s service Prayer writing I just heard God’s version of Twin Cities and BlueTree where they exchanged words

Good stuff. Best of all, that song fit right in with our service last week… the first Vine-led one since we all got here.

Our pastor spoke about Christmas…in the middle of July, no less…and told the story of Christmas and why Jesus came and why God sent us here to Minneapolis.

The God Of This City

There is a lot of darkness, despair and anxiety in this city. I see it every day; on the bus to and from work, the office and the phone, travel in and out of town, and stories about working in our community. Be sure. God is the Light that will guide the way. God is the hope of the future and well, well, we are with him. God is the Peace that comes within us, allowing us to continue. He is.

God Of This City [the Hague] On Vimeo

God has a good and perfect plan for this city. He has a good and perfect plan for each of us and that plan is according to His will

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