The Real Story Of God

The Real Story Of God

The Real Story Of God – Who was Jesus? Few would deny that a man named Jesus lived 2,000 years ago and was a great teacher who has influenced the world since his time.

Who – and what – was Jesus Christ? Who was Jesus of Nazareth really? Where did he really come from? If we understand him, it explains everything he did and said.

The Real Story Of God

The Real Story Of God

The disciples of Jesus Christ recognized him as the Creator. When the early followers of Christ say that Jesus is the one through whom all things were created, they clearly say that Jesus is God.

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Amazing Fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s Prophecy Jesus Christ accurately fulfilled the prophecies written hundreds of years before his birth.

The Bible Accurately Predicted the Year of the Messiah’s Coming An amazing prophecy in Daniel 9:25 shows the exact year that the Messiah will come.

Was Jesus born on December 25th? A careful analysis of the Bible clearly shows that December 25th is a possible date for the birth of Christ.

Can Jesus do miracles? Miracles happen. As for Christ, the Father answered his every prayer and supported his every command.

True Story Svg John 3:16 Svg For God So Loved The World That

Did Jesus really die and rise again? One of the greatest proofs that Jesus is who he said he is—the Son of God and the only one through whom eternal life is given—is his resurrection from the dead.

Crucifixion to Roman forms of the cross is not always done in the way it is usually depicted in paintings and drawings.

When was Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected? How can we have three days and three nights between the crucifixion on Friday afternoon and the resurrection on Sunday morning? See what the Bible really says.

The Real Story Of God

See Crucifixion and Resurrection History See Crucifixion and Resurrection History.

Jesus Christ: The Real Story

Do other non-biblical sources confirm the existence of Jesus Christ? Many people believe that apart from the Bible, history is silent about Jesus of Nazareth.

Why is there so much discussion about a man, much more than a man? The simple answer is that he claimed to be God – and he was able to back that claim up on the record.

Was Jesus a created being? Jesus was not created. He was with God the Father forever.

God who became man, who is a spirit, how can he become a man by living forever in the past? Was Jesus human like us? And when he was a man, was he still God?

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Jesus’ Family Relationships When we read the Gospel carefully, we see some family relationships that help us better understand certain events.

Misunderstood Christian Mission The mission and teachings of Jesus Christ were misunderstood by many who saw and heard him.

What was the gospel of Jesus? Do we really know Jesus? Do we really know what he does? Are we really preparing ourselves to be accepted and rewarded when He sets up His kingdom? And what is that kingdom?

The Real Story Of God

Salvation is entrance into the kingdom of God. Jesus expressed the idea of ​​salvation and eternal life through entering the kingdom of God.

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Other Kingdom Names Although it is often called the Kingdom of God, other terms are sometimes used to describe the kingdom.

Jesus’ Teachings About God’s Law The common belief is that the teachings of Christ in the New Testament are abrogated and the teachings of the Old Testament are replaced. But will they?

Other Important Ways Jesus Fulfilled the Law Jesus fulfilled the entire law by being the sacrifice for sin.

Does the New Testament abolish the commandments? The following passages in the New Testament confirm, either explicitly or by example, that Jesus and the apostles considered the Ten Commandments essential for a true Christian life.

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Jesus Christ and the Biblical Feasts In addition to the biblical Sabbath, Jesus observed the biblical feasts recorded in the Old Testament. The Gospels do not indicate that he was ever accused of violating holy day rituals.

Who killed Jesus? The question arises that who was the real cause of the death of Jesus Christ?

Rending of the Temple Veil Why was this event so important that the three Gospel writers mention the tearing of the temple veil?

The Real Story Of God

Meeting the real Jesus: Meeting the real Jesus The Bible shows that each of us has a history of destiny where we will meet Jesus and give an account of our actions.

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“Come yet, Lord Jesus!” This is the time that God’s people have longed for and prayed for all ages: your kingdom come. Teach the children about two unusual events in history when the God of the Bible proved that He is the only God.

Children today are faced with a wide range of different views on who God is (or isn’t). How can they be sure who is telling the truth?

This beautifully written storybook for 3-6 year olds was written by the team behind The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross. It describes two extraordinary events in history when the God of the Bible proved that He is the only God.

First, it takes children back to the time of Elijah and the grasp of the “contest of God” between the God of the Bible, Judah, and the false god Baal. Then it’s on to another mountain and another “god race” in an empty tomb.

City Of God, 10 Years On

After examining the evidence, it invites children to make a decision with confidence to join the team of Jesus in a world of many options.

Author: Carl Laugherton is EVP Publications/Editorial Director of TGBC. He is the author of the best-selling children’s books The Garden, The Curtain and the Cross, and God’s Race, and is also the editor of the God’s Word for You series. Before joining TGBC, he worked as a journalist, teacher and congregational pastor at Hall. Carl is married to Lizzie and has two children, Benjamin and Abigail. He studied history at Oxford University.

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The Real Story Of God

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