This Is My Story Ffx

This Is My Story Ffx

This Is My Story Ffx – With the re-release of Final Fantasy X on PlayStation 4, I had an excuse to play the game again. I’m not sure how many times I’ve played Final Fantasy X since I started playing on the PlayStation 2, but it’s definitely more than a dozen.

Anyway, I’ve already reviewed the HD remaster of the game for PlayStation 3 and Vita, and it’s the same game for PlayStation 4, so another review is in order.

This Is My Story Ffx

This Is My Story Ffx

With that being said, one thing that has always bothered me about Final Fantasy X is how critics talk about it. It was good enough to defeat voice acting, which was universally feared and came before creators at game companies understood how to effectively execute and guide voice actors. But the core story is one of the strongest and deepest in all Final Fantasy games (well, all games).

Final Fantasy X’s Tidus Was Originally A Plumber

So, instead of doing another extensive review, I’ve decided to pull a brief piece on some of Final Fantasy X’s deeper themes. There are a lot of them – the strength of the game is that it’s a pretty open-ended experience that means different things to different people, but here are a couple of examples of how you read through some of the game’s key themes.

Of course, it’s impossible to write this section without spoilers, so I’ll try to break it down for some people who might be interested in the game but haven’t played it in any way before, I’m going to assume you’re at least familiar with how the game works in general.

Final Fantasy X is a story that shows great respect for religion and it is also a story that criticizes religion. On the one hand it shows a true spiritual perspective, especially for many Eastern religious philosophies – followers of Hinduism and Buddhism find a connection with the inner message of the story. However, to fit the game with a Japanese sensibility to the world, Final Fantasy X’s core ideology is one of Shinto, a traditional understanding of faith where people are expected to show great respect and reverence. the nature

The entire world has completely rejected the development of technology or people. Ancient cities depended on machines to do all the work destroyed by the so-called sin – the simplest metaphor you can think of – that returns every decade to maintain a healthy balance between humans and nature. without lording it over another.

Final Fantasy X/x 2 Hd Remaster

Additionally, it gives companions and helpers a chance to overcome sin and reorganize humanity in every decade. In Shinto, shrines are built to honor local spirit guardians, and these spirit guardians take the form of common animals such as foxes, rabbits, and cats. Final Fantasy X is slightly different, in that Yuna has to collect soul guardians on her way to defeat Sin, but the effect is the same; Only by honoring these beings is one given the tools (and knowledge) necessary to defeat Sin.

In this article, Final Fantasy X strongly criticizes the concept of organized religion as seen in the game and the Church of Yeon. This level of organization is characterized as superstitious, destructive beasts, controlling the faithful and strongly opposing spiritual manifestations outside of its teachings. More sinful than ever, the church in Final Fantasy X is the enemy of Yuna and her friends, and although the developers of Final Fantasy X were careful not to draw direct comparisons to any religious organization in the world, it cannot be done. We don’t mean to say that the game criticizes everyone in general as an organized religion.

Fantasy Finaly X focuses on the story of a journey towards knowledge. Each of the game’s characters begins naive and mostly innocent of the reality that surrounds them, and during the journey comes to know the right to play, and ask a lot of ideas to do so. He once believed.

This Is My Story Ffx

Because no one stands out more than Yuna, from blindly believing Yvonne’s teachings to questioning everything about her journey against sin. It is Nietzsche’s idea that Yuna and her group’s experience is amplified as the play intertwines with the unwavering acceptance of the masses they encounter from beginning to end.

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Nietzsche once wrote, “In order for society to survive the individual had to compete for survival.” “If you try, you will be very alone and sometimes you will be afraid. But no price is too high to pay for the opportunity to learn on your own. “

Of course, Nietzsche has always been considered a critic of religion, and his idea of ​​existence has played a large role in the philosophy of many atheistic philosophers. But as we have already seen, Final Fantasy X as a concept is not anti-spiritual. Agree not to think about organized religion and its doctrine. In this way we can easily say that Nietzsche’s Final Fantasy X is very important to the mission.

Of course, you can’t have Nietzsche’s narrative without living it. In Final Fantasy X we see the drama unfold through the story of protagonist Tidus (and again, spoilers within).

Tidus is not real. In most games we think he’s a blitzball player from Janarkand, somehow transported 1,000,000 years into the future after the first incarnation of sin attacked the city, completely destroying it and making Yvonne the holy Mecca for her faith. But this is not true, and his Janarkand is actually an illusion, an emotional persona created to match what is going on. Tidus is actually a spirit, summoned into existence by some spiritual magic that allows the guardian Yuna to contract with his will.

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In this case, we are invited to question what life and existence are in a world whose significance in the eyes of the main character is unclear and therefore unreliable. Going back to the basic concept of existence, as Søren Kierkegaard thought, the act of giving life is the responsibility of the individual, not religion or society. When you remember that a story takes on the role of an inanimate person in a human way and tries to make sense of life, there are some interesting ideas when you remember that the first person in the play has no life to make sense of. outside

Considering that Tidus is able to feel anger and jealousy, love, and it can be assumed that he feels pain as he takes damage with every enemy attack (someone who doesn’t feel pain has no health bar. ), Final Fantasy X can also be seen as questioning some of the characters we consider human action and emotion. And, again, if it is not a type of personality that guides us in our quest to understand our purpose in life, then what is? Survival is a complicated philosophy at the best of times, and while Final Fantasy X doesn’t have the answers, it’s a unique piece of conversation.

This touches on some of the game’s deeper themes, and I’d love to have a longer conversation in the comments below! There are many other threads going into Final Fantasy X, so anyone who wants to have a long discussion about anything related to the game, feel free to do so. It’s one of my favorite games of all time, and I’m glad Square Enix is ​​still committed to it.

This Is My Story Ffx

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