This Is Not A Fashion Story

This Is Not A Fashion Story

This Is Not A Fashion Story – As someone interested in the blogging space, 2020 In the spring, out of the boredom of the COVID 19 quarantine, I ran into Danielle Berstein @weworewhat on Instagram. I didn’t particularly relate to her style, but I felt like she was an important person to follow to keep up with the influence of things in the influential space. Since then I’ve been following her and her other brand accounts (@shopweworewhat and @daniellebernstein for her line with Macy’s) through her quarantine controversies (accused multiple times of design theft, admitting to contracting COVID after being in groups in Montauk, NY, etc. .). ) everything is fascinating, because it seemed to me I still did not have a strong connection with him.

Some time passed and I was still a passive follower of his account. When I was working on building my business, I turned to books by women entrepreneurs on Amazon to help me get inspired and maybe avoid mistakes. I saw Danielle’s book when it was locked and it came up in my search so I thought why not order it. He was successful because he clearly knew something about something. When I opened the hardcover of This Is Not a Fashion Story, I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I sat out Friday night because I thought it was going to be a long night; I didn’t think I would get much out of it. And to my surprise, reading his book was very insightful.

This Is Not A Fashion Story

This Is Not A Fashion Story

Hearing her story and understanding her better gave me a little more appreciation for her IG personality. I felt like I got to know her on a personal level through her very personal story.

Danielle Bernstein: Making Fashion Your New Reality — Queen’s Fashion Industry Network

I thought the book was very well written and had some good lessons for those trying to start anything other than blogging/influencing.

I finished the book in one weekend, and after I finished I liked Daniela much more. My biggest takeaway was putting it out there. She was really fearless and unapologetic in the early days of her blog, and I really try to emulate that (because I’m the complete opposite and would rather hide in my apartment and be the only reader).

So, without giving away too much of her story (as I recommend reading the book), I’ll leave you with a quote from Candace Bushnell: Danielle’s Story – “If you don’t know Daniel Bernstein, you will now. This book introduces a force of nature: a style queen, entrepreneur and innovator. Readers will love uncovering her secrets (and tips for success) in this fascinating story of a blushing young fashionista.+] Jeff Thibodeau

That may come as a surprise to the 2.4 million loyal fans of Bernstein’s Instagram feed and style platform WeWoreWhat, who follow her of-the-moment looks and busy schedule as founder of multimillion-dollar fashion brand ShopWeWoreWhat and tech innovator. . Moe Assist’s influencer project management suite (among his many other initiatives), but Bernstein is an entrepreneur eager to grow and evolve.

Biography/history Spring/summer 2020_consumer By Ingram Content

“The world is constantly changing, so you have to be willing to change with it, or you’ll be left behind,” Bernstein asserts. “Being able to flex easily without compromising important things like your values ​​and standards is really important, and I’ve done that throughout my career.”

Having proven her mettle as an entrepreneur and her strength and creative power as a designer, Bernstein can now add published author to an impressive list of accolades with her debut book.

Although she burst onto the scene more than 10 years ago as a WeWoreWhat influencer, Bernstein has toured numerous times throughout her illustrious career, earning her a spot on the 2017 “Art 30 Under 30” and 2017 30 Under 30. Style list 24 years old.

This Is Not A Fashion Story

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Of the book’s 27 chapters—each a business lesson from Bernstein—one central theme that stands out is that “the most important relationship is the relationship with yourself.”

Bernstein is constantly improving and growing as a business woman and person at the conference. Yes, the original claim to social media fame was blogger WeWoreWhat. But today, she’s proving she can be more layered than her self-created fashion persona.

Several parts of Bernstein’s title show this: There isn’t enough space in the Instagram bio section to include all the characters necessary for Bernstein’s varied career. (True story.) He’s filled his plate with many roles, blogger and influencer, designer and fashion brand creator (to date, ShopWeWoreWhat’s product categories include jumpsuits, swimwear, and most recently jeans), and tech developer, investor, author, and activist. the charity platform WeGaveWhat was launched.

As the new normal of COVID-19 took hold in early March, Bernstein began sharing helpful resources on its platform and promoting small business owners. He quickly saw that the impact he was making was long-lasting, so he worked with his team to launch WeGaveWhat to support charitable causes and raise awareness about small businesses.

Danielle Bernstein’s Book This Is Not A Fashion Story

“I am an author. So when I say I want to do something, I just get up and do it, I don’t wait to do it. I’ve always been someone who wants to start working on a new idea right away. So when we came up with the idea for WeGaveWhat, we immediately went to work to launch next week.

This ignited Bernstein’s passion to use his platform to give back and make a difference beyond the status quo.

“This idea of ​​giving back during a pandemic is something that means a lot to me. I really want to be able to carry on and I can’t carry on alone. So WeGaveWhat will be my way of doing that with my team so that I can still run WeWoreWhat and my other businesses. , but that I would really have a place for all the charity initiatives so that they could continue even after the end of the quarantine.

This Is Not A Fashion Story

WeGaveWhat has proven that giving through Bernstein’s platform is more than possible: Since launching less than two weeks ago, Food Bank For New York and The River Fund New York have already donated more than $50,000 , and he raised enough money to donate 4,000 meals to frontline workers in the NYC area (within hours) in partnership with Feeding People. WeGaveWhat also partnered with illustrator Sara Sidari to create a coloring book that raised $10,000 (100% of which went to the New York Food Bank, feeding 50,000 New Yorkers).

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“It all started as a response to COVID-19, but it won’t end when the pandemic is over. Our work has only just begun,” says Bernstein.

In early March, Bernstein released the first season of her co-branded collection with Macy’s (Danielle Bernstein with Macy’s), which is inclusive and affordable, with each piece priced under $100.

Bernstein shares the details of his negotiations with Macy’s in the book: He secured a four-season, year-round partnership with the heritage department store, ensuring that he also oversees every detail of the collection from start to finish. (Bernstein also shouldn’t be involved with every aspect of making a collection when he attaches his brand to something, a lesson he learned the hard way, as he shares in the book).

This is the playbook for every woman who wants to not only take risks, follow her dreams, and break the rules, but also rewrite herself.

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Another recurring theme in the book is the importance of listening to your intuition and not ignoring red flags that may arise in potential business partnerships. (Also, always read the fine print and be careful when looking for the right business partners.)

And while Bernstein shares details about his personal life, such as important moments in his family life that helped shape him, as well as romantic encounters, one thing he stands for today is “getting married to Marry.” It’s a strategy that helps guide his business partnerships, which he views as long-term, holistic partnerships rather than “one-offs” with short-term results.

He’s also focused on building his team, which began with his first hire in 2013: Maureen “Moe” Paretti, who started as an intern and is now CEO of the entire company (and the inspiration behind Moe Assist). The WeWoreWhat team currently consists of 20 people and continues to grow.

This Is Not A Fashion Story

He will soon celebrate his golden birthday – May 28. he will be 28 years old

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