This Is The Finger Of God

This Is The Finger Of God

This Is The Finger Of God – The best phrases of the Torah, in my opinion, are the ones that appear infrequently – they are much more ripe for revealing depth of meaning! It offers a unique opportunity to completely remove preconceived notions. Especially when it comes to phrases that don’t seem so foreign… When someone reads (or hears) the phrase “finger of God”, it probably evokes an image. you may remember this…

Perhaps you have evolved beyond imagery to become able to recognize metaphors in their own right. Whatever you personally think of when you come across the phrase “finger of God”, what can be said about Parashat’s use of it in Vaera?This phrase appears only three times in his Hmm. In our case, another place in Exodus, his one in Deuteronomy.

This Is The Finger Of God

This Is The Finger Of God

The usage in Deuteronomy is a repetition of another place in Exodus and we will look at them before looking at the Torah part.

C. S. Lewis Quote: “history Is A Story Written By The Finger Of God.”

Hashem gave me two stone tablets written with the finger of God, and on them all that Hashem spoke to you in the fire on the mountain on the day of the meeting. (Deuteronomy 9:10)

God gave Moses two tablets of testimony when he finished conversing with him on Mount Sinai. A stone tablet engraved with the finger of God. (Exodus 31:18)

These a) clearly refer to the same thing and b) theologically about the importance of the plates themselves. Let’s take a look at our poem:

Hashem he said to Moshe. Lice occur all over Mitsuraim. When they did this, Aharon reached out his hand with his staff and struck it in the dust of the ground. All the dust of the earth had lice in the ground of Micreme. The sorcerer did this with a spell to pull out the lice, but could not. The lice were still on the face and the beast. The sorcerers said to Pharaoh: It is the finger of God. But Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, and he could not hear them as Hashim had spoken. (Exodus 8:12-15)

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When the first blood plague appeared, sorcerers were able to recreate it. They didn’t try to reproduce the second plague of frogs. Now that a third plague, the lice, has struck, and the plague cannot be replicated, magicians claim that “this is God’s finger.” So what is the relationship between the Ten Commandments and lice? (That’s why I love the Torah commentary. It’s the only reasonable place to depict the relationship between the Ten Commandments and lice.)

Almost exclusively, the commentator deals with his three thoughts: 2) Why does it say God’s finger instead of God’s hand? 3) Do they think God is the God of Israel?

Is this a generic term for gods and actually refers to one of their own gods him?very clear and obvious between this verse on the plague of lice and his two verses on the Ten Commandments Few people pay attention to relationships. It seems obvious that readers as close as our commentators recognize the importance of this seldom-used phrase, and it seems natural to draw some conclusions, but it doesn’t. Most people say nothing at all. An exception, however, is his Rav Moshe Alshikh, one of the prominent 16th-century Safed-his Kabbalists.

This Is The Finger Of God

His words are best translated perfectly, not my poor attempt at synopsis.

Is God’s Election Of The Faithful Unconditional?

This could be a subtle reference to the ten statements that the universe was created, which is an act of God’s hand, and the midrash [rabbinic note: I cannot find this midrash], when the student When I asked what the supernatural water was in and was told to pour the water into the jar and when Rabbi Meir put his finger in and squeezed out the water, he said to the student, my finger and I Blessed saint’s fingers can hold even more water if they are flesh and blood and squeeze out water! According to his description, the supernatural waters are suspended in statements (i.e. “Let the waters…”), and we call each statement a finger, and one of those statements he says is “Let the waters…” Remember that we are the make man. It is the acronym detz”akh [Rabbi Note: When Rabbi Yehuda told us that he used the acronym detz”akh ad”ash bah “av for the plague, the strange and random remember the part Well, maybe not. Strange and random after all! By the way, the first is short for “dam tzefarde’a kinim,” bloody frog’s ear, and since it recognizes the existence of God, it is one of the three principles Moshe used to inform Pharaoh of the existence of God. It’s one. God. The acronym ad”ash proves that the Blessed One is the God of Israel. The acronym bah “av means that the Jews belong to God and have the duty to serve God and do His will. Pharaoh must dismiss the Jews, and these three things are alluded to in this verse.”…Thus, Hashem, the God of the Hebrews, says Send me my people…” So it is the first three plagues that Moses proves the existence of God. Like the water from the dust in the beginning to the first human creation. It’s like the tradition Caesar’s daughter told her father: If you have two objects, one is a container of water and the other is a container of dust. Which is better? Likewise, what is made from a drop of seed is not made from the material at the resurrection of the dead! so that women could menstruate and produce offspring from the water droplets in their bodies, which Pharaoh could not understand at all. He understood how man existed, but like Caesar’s daughter, only after a plague of lice originating from the dust did he understand the outside world by acknowledging the verse “Let us make man”. I figured it out by insertion! That is why magicians acknowledge this by saying “This is the finger of God”, and the name of God is used instead of Hashem because it refers to the statement “God said: Let us make man…” That’s why.

It’s a bit confusing, but the bottom line is God doesn’t have fingers. The purpose of the 10 disasters is to prove that the Pharaoh is not as powerful as the Creator of the Universe. The Ten Plagues are associated with the Ten Commandments because of the phrase “finger of God.” The Ten Commandments are often associated with the Ten Words [Rabbinic Note: Whenever ‘God said’ at the beginning of the Parashat Breishit], so the Ten Commandments are associated with the Ten Evils. In the first of his three plagues, Pharaoh states that 1) God exists, 2) God has a plan for Israel, and 3) the plan is for the Jews to serve God and God alone. I learned to be When magicians yell “It’s the finger of God,” what they’re really saying is that they can perform tricks, but they can’t create anything from scratch!

So the finger of God is a euphemism for the power of creation. Michelangelo must have been really into something…his one of the weapons of God is his finger. With his finger he kills, with his finger he saves, with his finger he saves, with his finger heals, with his finger he hinders his enemies, with his finger he opposes the wisdom of the wicked, with his finger he directs. do.

I pray that the finger of God will appear in your situation to save you, heal you, deliver you and guide you in Jesus name.

Dark Finger Of God

Exodus 8:19 – The magicians said to Pharaoh, “This is the finger of God. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, and he did not listen to them. Just as the Lord said.

May the finger of God fight your battles and work miracles in your life in the mighty name of Jesus.

Exodus 31 vs.

This Is The Finger Of God

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