This Is War Gospel Song

This Is War Gospel Song

This Is War Gospel Song – Cameroonian born but Boston, Massachusetts based gospel music minister, Dew Keyz has debuted a beautiful worship song titled ‘Let Your Power Flow’.

When it comes to the inspiration of the song, according to Dew, it is not far from the soft voice of the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer.

This Is War Gospel Song

This Is War Gospel Song

In his own words; Dew Keyz admitted that “this track played in my mind on a beautiful Saturday morning while waiting for the choir while I played the piano.

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It’s amazing that we know the lines so quickly, it’s become a standard song from Saturday, and it’s always an atmosphere of His presence and wonder every time we minister this song.

Then I decided to record a song and bless the Nations in 2019, but the project ended in the middle due to the issue of Covid-19.

In addition, Dew recalled that his greatest inspiration in life was worship. Few understand that worship is by revelation and encounter, not by talent. Revelation and encounter give you identity.

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Featuring Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Alison Russell, David Rowling, Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs, Micah Nelson, John James Turville of The Deslondes, Kishawn Armstrong, Dennis Crouch, The School Zone Children’s Choir and more.

. “One of them is self-destructive, and the other is trying to work with the other half to keep the balance.” This is the main conflict

“Everybody’s an animal trying to be good. That’s what it’s like to be human. You’re not really good or bad. You’re just trying to stay in the middle of two things all the time, and you’re probably doing it badly. It’s okay, because we’re all monsters.

This Is War Gospel Song

Battle also shared a catchy lead single called “No Reason,” which also has a video. Listen and watch below. One of Nigeria’s profound vocal coaches, pianist and recording artiste, B Jazz has released a new single off his upcoming album ‘The Gospel’. His song features the music minister Jalf. The song “Walking By Faith” tells about the effectiveness of the works done by Christ Jesus and the realization that there is power in our mouth through the word of God. You can feel the power and anointing in this song as you listen.

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Oluwabunmi Samson Fakeye popularly known as Bjazz is an anointed gospel minister, singer and pianist. Certified music instructor/educator and founder of Bjazz Vocal Academy. He has a strong mandate to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth through a new voice. His music was enhanced by Christ because it echoes the finished works of Jesus (The Gospel). BJazz is an ambassador of excellence in music ministry as the main vehicle through which the gospel of Jesus spreads throughout the world.

He has worked with notable gospel artists and Grammy Award nominees such as Kurt Carr, Micah Stampley, Da Truth and Phil Thompson. Also several Nigerian gospel music ministers like Kenny K’ore, Sinach, Steve Crown and Freke Umoh to mention a few.

He released two amazing singles titled TELL IT ALL & NO NEED TO WORRY in 2017 and 2019 produced by Efe Mac Roc. He will come out with his debut album titled: THE GOSPEL and it will fall in 2023. Governor Mark Robinson addressed the crowd at the Salt and Light Conference in Charlotte. Credit: Peyton Sickles for assembly

A digital magazine about the people, institutions and ideas that shape North Carolina. Founded in 2021, the company offers interesting, deeply featured, nuanced stories about our country.

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But nearing the 40-minute mark of his sermon-like speech at Charlotte’s Freedom House Church in May, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson looks like a drill sergeant preparing his troops for the culture wars.

He dismissed social justice as an “evil” that undermined the initiative. He scoffs at those who say the Bible “teaches goodness.” He mocked the song of the civil rights movement, “We Shall Overcome.”

“Not once in my life when I’ve faced adversity have I said, ‘You know, I’m going to win,'” said Robinson, a conservative Republican who is also the first African-American to be elected. who is lieutenant governor of North Carolina.

This Is War Gospel Song

Then Robinson stopped walking back and forth across the church stage, settled his 5-foot-11, 300-pound frame behind the lectern and began shouting into his handheld microphone.

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“My God told me that when I face difficulties, I should stand like a MAN! MINE!” he said as the congregation responded to his loud voice with cheers and a standing ovation. “Get off your back and stand up like a man!

And, “number three, put on the full ARMOR of God,” roared Robinson, now quoting from the Bible. “Put on this armor and do as David did. Go to the battlefield and take the head of your enemy in the name of God.”

Turn the other cheek? Love your enemies? Blessed are the peacemakers? Not for Robinson. His brand of militant Christianity is more David vs. Goliath is Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Asked to interview Robinson about his faith; his office denied our request. But a review of Robinson’s 11 church talks and a visit to the 12th provide some insight into his religious beliefs.

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In the Gospel According to Mark Robinson, the United States of America is a Christian country, guns are part of God’s plan, abortion is murder, climate change is “ungodly … junk science,” and the Righteous, especially men, must obey. Jesus, who cleansed the temple armed with a whip, and told his disciples to make sure they were carrying their swords.

“People always ask me why I’m so bold in what I say,” Robinson told Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem in November 2021. “I tell them, ‘If you don’t like it, go and ask. the man who made me say this.’ And see what He has to say about it. You don’t like the words I said from the Bible? Go talk to the author of the Bible.”

Robinson grew up in the United Church of Christ and said he was saved in an evangelical church. His claim that he is simply stating what is written in the Good Book seems to be an invitation to examine it by the people who teach and preach the Bible every day—professors of theology, clergy, and other experts.

This Is War Gospel Song

We sent extended excerpts and videos from Robinson’s talks to 12 scholars and ministers from various Protestant backgrounds and interviewed them about Robinson’s theology.

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Dennis Hollinger, former president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, an evangelical school founded by Billy Graham, echoed many in the group who wished Robinson had done a deeper and less political reading of scripture, which would have yielded brighter light. about parts of the Bible such as justice, love and mercy.

“Lt. disclosed Governor Robinson has been a strong critic of what he calls the social justice movement, such as its failure to promote personal responsibility,” said Hollinger, who lives in Charlotte.

In e-mail. “But he failed to include the Bible’s strong emphasis on justice found in the Law, the Prophets (Old Testament), and Jesus (New Testament). The Bible’s teaching on justice includes concern for the poor, marginalized, and immigrants of this land.”

People react to Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson at the 2022 Salt and Light Conference. (Peyton Sickles for

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Robinson, 54, has made headlines for some of his comments at the church, including when he called “transsexualism” and homosexuality “dirty” and suggested that God wants a man, not a woman, to lead.

He hinted that he might run for governor in 2024. And he would be the favorite of the North Carolina Republican Party, whose chairman, Michael Whitley, recently told a gathering of conservative Christians that the state’s GOP wants be “a party of faith.”

Look for a candidate Robinson to put a biblical spin on his life story — born in poverty, formed by faith — and the culture war issues that fueled his meteoric rise. Since taking office in 2021, he has spent most of his Sundays doing just that at conservative churches like Freedom House.

This Is War Gospel Song

“Jesus told the people that they must have a sword. ‘Go, get the sword. You need a sword.’… Our [US] founding documents say that rights come from

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