To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

To Be Led By The Holy Spirit – A mind led by the flesh is death, but a mind led by the Spirit is life and peace. (Romans 8:6 NIV)

When writing to the Romans, Paul divided people into two categories: those who were ruled by their sinful nature and those who were ruled by the Holy Spirit. We are all in the first category if Jesus did not give us a way out of our sinful nature.

To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

When we say “yes” to Jesus as believers and invite him into our hearts, we know that by following him, we can find true life and peace. But we must choose carefully to continue our life on God, even though the world offers distractions to take us from the path.

Being Led By The Holy Spirit

God’s teaching for our lives, the Bible, shows us his guidelines for the situations we deal with in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit, who lives in us as believers, will show us the right steps to take, and it is our responsibility to do them willingly.

“A life full of the Spirit is not a special and beautiful aspect of Christianity. A. W. Toze What is true faith? When you say the word – “faith” many different thoughts and feelings come to mind. run through people’s minds. Different things mean different things to different people. I know many people of faith who don’t live like that. I know believers love the Lord, but do not find – Click to read more

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May God do miracles for you this year – IF… Good news for the new year! God will do amazing things for you this year…IF you follow the Lord. Joshua arose in the morning, and departed from Shitima. And they came to Jordan, he and all the people of Israel, and there they slept before – Click to Read More

How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

PROCLAMATION OF THE GREAT BIRTH “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the kingdom shall be upon his shoulder. And he shall be called wonderful counsellor, mighty God, the Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 To us a child is born This is the largest birth announcement ever sent! Birth Announcements – Click to read more

GOD’S WAY IS PERFECT “Like God, his way is perfect; The word of Jehovah has been tried; He is a shield for those who believe in him.” (Psalm 18:30) God’s ways are perfect! perfect, his side is perfect, pure, and complete. Kona – Click to read more

Is the Bible true? Is the Bible true? Many doubt the truth of the Bible. Christians doubt the accuracy of the Bible. But the Bible says it is true. Jesus said that God’s word is true. (John 17:17) The real question is what do you believe? Do you believe the Bible is true? How you respond – Click to read more

To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

Learn how to live a great life In this short post, you will learn how to live a great life. Everyone dreams of having a prosperous and fulfilling life, but difficulties, problems and failures can often break those dreams and replace them with feelings of discouragement and defeat. As a result, many people feel that they are in trouble – Click to read more

Symbols Of The Holy Spirit

WHAT IF YOU MISS? First, it doesn’t make you a failure. You are not a failure! Remember – you are made in God’s image, so you are not imperfect. Yes, we can make mistakes, misbehave and abuse, but this does not mean “doing nothing”. It is how we learn and grow. When – Click to read more

Is your faith true? Writing to Timothy, Paul said, “The purpose of my teaching is that all believers should be filled with love out of a pure heart, a good conscience, and true faith.” (1 Tim. 1:5 NLT) Real meaning – true or real. Other translations call it “true belief”. The problem here is not whether a person – Click to read more

What do you mean? Growing up there were times when I would do something smart and when my parents found out about it my dad would say to me, “What are you thinking?”. That said, my thinking in that situation was not very smart. What we think is most important. In fact, our thoughts control our lives. Commentary – Click to read more

Stop arguing! “For where there is envy and strife, there is confusion and all evil.” Today everything seems to be in conflict. Families talk. The church is a struggle. Social media has become a platform to promote conflict. No wonder we see so much evil and sin. Struggle to open the door to all evil – Click to read more Do you receive a special vision from the Lord every day? Can you! Learn four ways to be led by the Spirit of God and have supernatural results in your life!

Led By The Holy Spirit Ebook By Avery Romon Fortuin

He had no shoes until he was 12. With only a fifth grade education and from a poor family, he never had a chance to succeed in life. But this man from Texas became a millionaire.

With no education or training, he made a fortune through investing. In fact, he never lost a dime on a single investment! How did he do it? Sometimes he shared the secret with his friends:

“I still do this. When an idea comes up, I don’t allow myself to think rationally. But I went into my office and prayed. I’m waiting until I hear something. Sometimes it can take three days. I go out to eat and sleep a little, but mostly I stay quiet and alone with the Lord until I know what to do.

To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

He revealed that there were times when he thought it was a great idea to get rich, but his inner instinct told him not to invest. To others, it seemed like an eternity, but his soul told him to move and invest. Every time, he makes the right choice.

Led By The Spirit — Amazing Love

After the inner revelation, it gave him a special insight into God and how to become a financial asset. This man took the time to develop and train his human spirit to be led by the Spirit of God, and so can you! The night will not come, but you will be able to enjoy this special knowledge and guidance in all areas of your life, when you learn your human spirit. Here are four ways you can be led by God’s Spirit every day.

1. Consider the word of God, This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may do according to what is written. inside Then you will be blessed on your way, then you will be blessed. — Joshua 1:8 (NKJV)

In order for your life to be led by the Spirit of God, you must first recognize His voice. This is not only by praying and reading God’s word, but by thinking about God’s word, which is one of the ways to be guided by his Spirit.

What does it mean to think about God’s word? It means pausing and thinking about what you’ve read, and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring a new revelation, even a passage you’ve read a hundred times. . Meditating on God’s Word is more than just reading the Bible – it’s studying, looking, testing and thinking. Seeking God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. It opens up a new interpretation that you may not have considered before – maybe different from what your mother told you or your pastor.

Being Led By The Holy Spirit

When you meditate on the word of God, you train your human spirit to hear God’s voice and to relate to what he says to you, in detail – in every detail. status. That is why God told Joshua that thinking about his word is the key to prosperity and success (Joshua 1:8). He gave her the secret

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