We Were Created In His Image

We Were Created In His Image

We Were Created In His Image – All praise is due to Allah. May His prayers and blessings be upon His last apostle and all who follow the path of righteousness forever. Until the last day.

Not only Muslims, but everyone must answer the most basic questions at some point in their lives:

We Were Created In His Image

We Were Created In His Image

“Why did I create? Why am I here? In this world, what am I doing? Why did God create me?

True Intimacy With God Always Brings Humility.

These are questions that each of us ponders at some point in our lives. We have some answers that are generally given, but usually those answers don’t seem to satisfy us. Pretty simple. So we still wonder, “Why me? Why here? ” I know that all of you (Muslims) say, “Worship Allah!

(End). Is there anything else to say? Why talk at length about why we were created when we all knew it was the worship of Allah?!”

But wait. If this is apparent to non-Muslims, the next reasonable question is, “Why does Allah want us to worship Him?” Then your impasse, which may mean that in our own mind, is really unclear. Why did Allah create us to worship Him?

Answer the question, “Why did Allah create us?” We have to understand how to deal with the people we live with (in the West). Those who see no purpose in human creation firmly believe that it is merely a product of evolution and the forces of nature. Just as we don’t have monkeys, dogs or cows to think about why he came here, so we don’t have to think about it. Since this belief is the basis of the philosophy of Western society (that person has no purpose), the whole matter of moral government, etc., has no basis for them in Revelation. The product of this attitude is of course the corruption we live in.

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When Muslims speak on this matter, we must seek our understanding of divine revelation rather than human guesswork. Because human estimations are not limited. We can imagine everything, and if one has studied the philosophy of religion, you will know How many views there are about the creation and existence of man. Because there are so many philosophies, no one can say which one is right or wrong because there is no Back Entry. No divine revelation. Only by divine revelation can we determine the reality of our creation, for it is Allah who created us and therefore knows the purpose of our creation. We struggle to understand it ourselves, much less try to understand the content of the story. Therefore, Allah must inform us through a revelation

Now, if we look to the first revelation to determine why man was created, there is a profound question to ask: “Why did God create him? This is before we get to humans, because humans are not the greatest act of creation. Allah says:

“The creation of the heavens and the earth is indeed greater than the creation of mankind. After all, most people don’t know. [Al-Quran 40:57]

We Were Created In His Image

Man is not the greatest act of creation, the universe is more complex and wonderful than man. So the question of creation must go to “Why did God create?

Jehovah’s Temple Your Body

Basically, we can say that creation is a natural consequence of the qualities of the creator. Allah is the Creator. This is one of its characteristics. That’s what he told us. This is his property, the creator of natural consequences, or the result of this property is his creation.

An artist, if we want to paint at a low level, who tells you he is an artist, if you ask him where his painting is and he tells you I don’t have it. What kind of artist is he? The concept of the unpainted artist has some inconsistencies here, of course, Allah is more than that. But if we understand at the simplest level, they both come together. The perfection of an artist is in his paintings. His quality and ability to draw is evident in his paintings. And Allah, the Most High, the Mighty, the Mighty, the Mighty, the Mighty. Allah did not create out of necessity. No, that he is the creator is seen in the creation.

Furthermore, consider the act of creating this act in relation to Allah unique. Even though we use the word e and create a table etc., it actually is in a certain sense. People don’t really create, they organize because they can “create” what already exists. When we make chairs or tables, we don’t make wood, we have to get it from trees, we don’t make metal that makes screws First, we had to melt the rock and remove the metal. So we do not create from nothing. We prepare things that Allah has created in various shapes and forms that are useful to us. We call it “creation,” but the true act of creation is the creation of everything, and that is unique to Allah.

This is an idea that many people are ignorant of because they cannot grasp the idea of ​​creation. Out of vanity it leads them to conclude that the world is Allah. He who says, “Inside every person is Allah.” And you have people who call themselves Muslims saying that. Non-Muslims have said this in the past, and there are Muslims who claim it. That Allah is inwardly and all things, for Allah is true and all others are false in their interpretation. This means that the creation is Allah and Allah is the Creator. The very dangerous idea that some of you who make this claim are saying that you don’t need to worship anyone but yourselves. Ibn Arabi is famous for this statement, he is considered one of the saints named

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Religion. Ibn Arabi said, “There is no need to worship outside of you, you are Allah. Just worship yourself.”

The idea of ​​Allah is in His creation, there is no difference between the creation and Allah, He leads them to it.

. Because they could not accept the uniqueness of Allah’s creation, they compared Allah’s act of creation with man’s creation. That is, as we prepared, Allah took a part of Himself and created the earth and the universe. Others will say that all people have Allah within them that there is a part of Allah within each of us. Essentially, the purpose of life is to make us realize that we have a part of Allah in ourselves, to remove the material block that separates us from Allah, and to become one with Allah in what they say “

We Were Created In His Image

Become one with Allah, return to Allah in this sense. But this fact is part of his teaching

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. Shaitan (Satan) has deceived people in this fantasy. It is part of the Hindu faith. Nirvana believes that when you die, you are reborn and you move gradually, when you are a good boy or a good girl, you rise to the top. You know you have reached the top because the next time you die you will be with the universal soul, Nirvana. This is the end of the new birth. So your whole purpose is to return and become one with God again. This is all, as I said, the result of a failure to understand the concept of creation from the Useless in the sight of Allah. Allah says:

So when we try to interpret Allah’s creation as the way we created, we make Him His creation, and it leads us to these aspects in the end.

Which I mentioned. This is very common among the Muslim world today because when you look at the various branches of it

, Body torture exercises through spinning and dancing. What is the purpose of this? They will tell you to free the soul from the body on earth and achieve the state “

You Were Made To Live Forever

This was the idea that drove al-Hallaj centuries ago when he was spreading the idea, and he was placed before a panel of judges who asked about the ideas he was presenting. When they asked him to refuse to take it back, he got up, opened his robe and said, “There is nothing in this robe except Allah.” This is how it was executed. And of course those inside

And so on. ” He may be, that is, Shaytan may be

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