What Are The Armor Of God

What Are The Armor Of God

What Are The Armor Of God – Did you know the devil is real? The Bible very often describes the devil as our enemy. It began in the Garden of Eden when the devil tempted Eve to sin against God by eating the forbidden fruit. In the Old Testament book of Zechariah, the writer describes the devil who accuses someone of being impure and sinful and therefore incapable of salvation and purification. In the New Testament, the devil is described as a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. The devil is real and threatens us with spiritual warfare. We are at war! Fortunately, God has given us the tools to arm ourselves and prepare for this battle against the devil.

Put on the whole armor of God so that you can stand against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11 NKJV)

What Are The Armor Of God

What Are The Armor Of God

As the writer continues, he talks about the nature of our war against the devil – a spiritual war. Then he will teach us what the armor of God is and how it can help us.

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The writer tells us to gird ourselves with the truth as soldiers. When you think of all military armor, you don’t often think of a belt. However, the author mentions this tool first. The belt in Roman armor was important because it held the scabbard of the sword and thus the sword. Without a belt you would probably be without a sword. The belt also had leather straps attached to it to protect the thighs but also allow freedom for quick and easy maneuvering from hand to hand. One of the most beautiful things we have on our side is the truth. When we are in battle with the devil, we need our sword (the Word) for protection. The truth is found in God’s Word. We can use truth to help us quickly and easily maneuver around the enemy while protecting our base.

Physical armor covers the torso and protects vital organs from injury. Righteousness is what protects us from the potentially deadly spiritual blows of Satan. Someone who is righteous is someone who is justified. No one is righteous alone, we receive our righteousness as a gift from God. It is this righteousness that is vital to protect us from death.

A soldier needs good footwear when going into battle. Imagine a fully armed soldier. He has his sword, shield, helmet, armor and belt…but his legs are completely bare. This is strange and dangerous. With your legs covered, not only do you have protection from debris, but it gives soldiers peace of mind. In short, proper footwear allows the soldier to step forward freely and without fear, while focusing his full attention on the battle at hand. The gospel of peace here is the same gospel mentioned in the New Testament. The good news about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ saves us and gives us peace with God. As a soldier of the cross, our commander gave us the duty to preach the gospel. As we proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom, we will spread His way of peace throughout the world. When we have shoes on our feet, we are ready to go to share this good news with others.

So far, Paul’s description of the armor of God has been limited to the things we wear. We put on the belt, bib and shoes and they basically stay put. The shield is different. The writer tells us that a shield is something we must take up and use to protect ourselves. A shield is very important in combat. Due to their enormous size, the soldiers had excellent protection from the enemy. Due to its slight curvature, it was able to parry attacks without transferring the full force of the attack to the man holding the shield. He was also able to parry even the heaviest blows that could have been fatal. Our faith works for us as a defensive tool in our war against Satan. A shield protects, just as our faith can protect us from spiritual attacks. The shield repels the fiery darts of doubt, worry and temptation thrown by Satan. Faith is something that is of great importance. Great faith can protect us and sustain us in the fight, but with a little weak faith we may not succeed and may die.

Put On The Armor Of God

The helmet protects the head from enemy attacks. The Roman helmet protected, but also had a special ceremonial meaning that indicated rank and status. Salvation basically means to be saved or freed from something. Our sins are killing us and Satan knows it. Satan will use any weapon in spiritual warfare to get us to commit sin. Jesus died for us to save us from sin. We can gain tremendous hope and comfort by focusing on the incredible sacrifice Christ made to save us and the beautiful Kingdom that is the goal of our salvation. This hope acts as a helmet that protects our minds from the discouragement and despair of this world. We must keep the hope of our salvation and keep it always in mind to help us in this war.

I don’t believe you can imagine a soldier without thinking about how he carries a sword. The sword is both an offensive and defensive weapon, as is the spirit. We can use it to defend against the attacks of those who would try to mock God and His word. We can use it offensively, go out and teach, actively. Instead of waiting for the forces of evil to come to us and use the word to defend ourselves, we must be active ourselves in waging war, in fighting and preventively teaching God’s word to others.

We have put on the armor of God to effectively wage war against our enemy, the devil. Without it we are powerless – but with it we are soldiers of the living God. Have you put on the armor? Are you ready to use? Your enemy is coming whether you are ready or not. We should listen to God’s words and put on the whole armor of God! Today I’m sharing a new coloring book based on Ephesians 6:11-17. These verses instruct us to “put on the whole armor of God…” This is a key passage for believers when it comes to living a victorious life! But it is also important to remember that we are fighting a spiritual battle, not a physical one.

What Are The Armor Of God

America Tonight recently interviewed our family about our faith. The journalist mainly wanted to know how our faith affects our decisions about family planning. But he also asked if we were trying to build “God’s army.”

Pray On The Armor Of God

This is not the first time we have been asked this question. Honestly, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable every time it happens.

I’m afraid that for many non-Christians, this sentence might conjure up images of very suspicious people who live in isolation, stockpile weapons and conduct military drills with their children for fun.

The Bible uses many military metaphors. Yet he clearly tells us that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against . . . the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12)

We have an enemy, yes. But our enemy is not flesh and blood. They are not liberal democrats or radical feminists. Not gay activists. Not even Islamic extremists. Our true enemy is not our fellow man – no matter how different our beliefs, lifestyles, philosophies or voting results may be.

Armor Of God Coloring Page

Our real enemy is Satan. He comes only to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) But God has called us – and equipped us! – to firmly oppose his plans. (Ephesians 6:11)

These are our prayers not only for us, but also for our children and grandchildren. Doug and I prayed for them daily even before they were born. And God has been so faithful in answering our prayers – the main one being that He drew them to Himself from a young age and helped them live in a way that glorifies and glorifies Him.

Perhaps you have not prayed for yourself or your children as consistently as you would like. Well, it’s never too late to start! You may want to download one of our printable prayer guides to get you started:

What Are The Armor Of God

Each of these prayers is firmly rooted in Scripture. I love to pray the Word for my family. I can do this with full confidence, knowing that I am praying with the mind of Christ.

Full Armor Of God Bible Study For Women

Maybe that’s why I like Heidi St.’s latest book. resonated so much. John, Prayers for the battlefield. Her prayers are completely infused with Scripture.

While our family was on vacation, I read an advanced review of her book. But I can’t wait to get my copy so I can upload all my notes

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