When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode – Let’s Rewind: The Seinfeld Finale It’s been over twenty years since the Seinfeld finale aired, and it remains one of the most talked about TV endings of all time.

LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 3: (No US Tab Sale) Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander embrace on the set of “Seinfeld” during the final days of filming on April 3, 1998 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

In a new Let’s Revisit series, we revisit the pop culture moments that caught our attention and peel back the layers of time to see if they still hold up. From famous TV finals to iconic films, iconic albums to fashion trends, Let’s Revisit takes a critical (and compassionate) look at our shared history.

Seinfeld ‘the Contest’ Oral History

If you turn the clock back to May 14, 1998, television was experiencing a truly important cultural moment — the final episode of Seinfeld. In nine seasons and 180 episodes, ‘The Show About Nothing’ has become a phenomenon. So when it was time to say goodbye, TV viewers tuned in to the Seinfeld finale in record numbers.

A crowd watches the final episode of the television series “Seinfeld” on a jumbotron screen in Times Square in New York on May 14, 1998. (Photo by Barbara Alper/Getty Images)

In the US alone, over 76 million people watched the two-part finale, making it the fourth most-watched series finale of all time behind M*A*S*H. (1983), Živeli (1993) and The Fugitive (1967). But while everyone agreed it was worth watching, not everyone loved the finale as much as they loved the show.

More than twenty years have passed since the Seinfeld finale aired, and opinions are still divided on whether the show got the ending it deserved.

Seinfeld’ Behind The Scenes Photos From The End Of The Series

After finally selling their series “Jerry” to NBC, Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and George (Jason Alexander) decide to celebrate. They get access to NBC’s private jet and fly to Paris for the weekend, inviting Elaine (Julia Louis Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richards) along for the ride. En route, the plane has engine trouble and the four land in Massachusetts. Wasting time, they witness the robbery of an obese man, but the four tired friends fail to intervene. They are then caught on the little-known ‘duty to rescue’ law, which puts the crew on trial.

STUDIO CITY, CA – APRIL 3: (no US tabloid sales) A ​​courtroom scene from the final days of filming of the hit show “Seinfeld” starring (L-R) Phil Morris, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards Incorporated on April 3, 1998 in Studio City, California. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)

Thus begins the affair of the century, as a revolving door of famous faces line up to recount their colorful experiences with Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

The finale does a wonderful job of bringing back the most memorable supporting characters, from the Soup Nazi to Bubble Boy and everyone in between. There were officially 52 uncredited cameos, but these are five of our favorites.

Seinfeld Fun Facts You Haven’t Heard Before

David Pudi (Patrick Warburton): Elaine’s long-term love interest (who never seemed interested), just in time to be in the finale. At the end of the episode, as Elaine is being taken to jail, she dramatically declares, “David, don’t wait for me.” to which he replies, “Okay” Genius.

Sidra Holland (Teri Hatcher): Jerry’s ex-flame comes to trial, giving damning evidence about the time Jerry sent Elaine to the sauna to determine if her breasts were real or fake! She then gets the final payoff by sleeping with Jackie Chiles, a versatile lawyer.

The Soup Nazi (Larry Thomas): Probably the most famous Seinfeld cameo of all time, the Soup Nazi returns in the finale to get revenge on Elaine for ruining his business.

Mabel Choate (Frances Bay): It’s never a good idea to steal from your elders, which is exactly what Jerry did when he stole Mabel’s miracle rye bread at The Rie. The jury sympathizes with Mabel when she gives evidence against Jerry during the case.

Best ‘seinfeld’ Characters: From Soup Nazis To Nuts

Jackie Chiles (Phil Morris): Based on hot Joanna Cochran, the lawyer for O.J. Simpsons, Jackie Chiles was a series regular on Seinfeld. He represents Jerry and co in the finale, but even his superlative skills aren’t enough to get them out of trouble.

The final conversation of the series sees Jerry and George in a jail cell discussing the condition of the button on Jerry’s shirt. This is a recreation of the first dialogue from the 1989 series pilot.

Seinfeld ended after nine seasons. Desperate to keep the series going, NBC offered Jerry Seinfeld $110 million for the tenth and final season.

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

Instead of filming the finale in front of the usual live audience, it was filmed in front of friends and family. Recently, comedian Jimmy Fallon revealed that he came to the set and attended the filming.

Seinfeld Collector’s Edition: Celebrate The Best Sitcom Ever

The last episode was given the fake working title “Hard Nut” to get people to bow out.

If there’s one thing we learned from the recent (and rather dark) Friends reunion, it’s that you shouldn’t re-watch all of your once-beloved shows. The potential for disappointment far outweighs any real opportunity to find new ways to enjoy old shows. But where Friends seems problematic in the harsh light of 2021 (to say nothing of Ross), Seinfeld has managed to retain its wit and relevance. The finale may not be the most perfect piece of TV ever produced, but it appropriately ties together a series that redefined the way we watch television. Which of course is for a show about nothing. Editor’s note: Can you believe ‘Seinfeld’ hasn’t been on the air for 20 years? The iconic NBC sitcom aired its series finale (aptly titled “The Finale”) on May 14, 1998, and it was not well received by fans for its decision to send Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer to prison. for laughs. I understand. An obese delivery man is being taken away from the car. Robert Bianco,

TV critics at the time were also not fans of the episode, noting that in the end, “Seinfeld’s ‘No Hugs, No Lessons’ did its characters a disservice.” By not allowing them to grow or learn, they become stale.

Below is Bianco’s original review. If you want to (re)watch it yourself, you can stream all nine seasons of ‘Seinfeld’ on Hulu.

New Yorkers Stop To Watch The

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The end came Thursday with the frustrating, dying moments of the finale

He helped set the dominant comic tone of the decade: a teenage version of ironic distance, aloof, disingenuous and emotionless.

Often. But not last night. I assumed that last week’s episode of the Patchwork Puerto Rican Day Parade was the low point of the series; But this slow, complacent exercise in self-congratulation could have been worse. In the climactic finale, Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richards) are stuck in a small Massachusetts town where they witness a car theft. Instead of helping, they taunt the victim – and end up getting arrested for violating the city’s Good Samaritan law.

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

The trial of the gangs becomes a media circus, as the prosecution presents nine years of bad witnesses. To help, they have Johnnie Cochran wannabes, the only way for a black man to break through

Facts About Seinfeld’s ‘the Finale’

Of course, this is the ultimate inside joke. The show made fun of all the insults that were said against his four friends: that they are selfish, complacent, insensitive, anti-social and dehumanizing. After last night you can add scandalous.

They debate whether it’s appropriate to call a get well on a cell phone. They argue about whether it is feminine to sit in the back. They again discuss the appropriate amount of milk to pour over the cereal.

To quote Elaine: “Would you shut up!” Perhaps NBC should have left him pretty much alone with the opening 45-minute clip show. It was also self-congratulatory, but at least it was a reminder of how funny it was

Maybe, and how many times has the show known for its verbal wit made us roll our eyes at you silly.

Memorable Seinfeld Moments

It also reminded us how detailed and complex the show was. Seinfeld was never a show about anything; It was a show where nothing mattered. The characters took no one seriously but themselves. And last night they reduced that too. More than anything, it might remind viewers of the final episode of NBC’s St. Elsewhere, which basically told loyal fans that they were wasting their time on a child’s dream.

The epitome of Seinfeld’s comedic detachment came in one of the show’s funniest (and tastiest) episodes: the “Magic Lugie” show that turned the JFK assassination into joke fodder. That basic weightlessness is why the self-deprecating competition didn’t offend — the idea of ​​these dispassionate characters enjoying anything is ludicrous. You can also read an ironic distance in Jerry Seinfeld’s apparent disinterest in improving as an actor; At the end of the run, he still couldn’t get through an entire episode in character.

At first, but over the years his infamous “no hug, no lesson” rule has been watered down. yes, she saved the show from the other’s innate sentimentality

When Was The Last Seinfeld Episode

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